How Many Repetitions to Get a Six Pack

How many reps to do is one of the most important things about getting a package of six. Even more so than the serial number of each exercise to be done and how to do the exercises in each workout, it may have a lot to do with not getting the results you want.

The basics of state weight training that less than 6 reps per set is for strength construction, 8-12 reps per series is to build muscle mass, and more than 12 reps is for muscle strength and definition. So, the number of reps you have to do to get a six pack depends on where you are now and what else you are doing.

For example, if you are just starting to exercise, you will probably need to get your body fat percentage before you start worrying about sculpting your six pack to perfection. But you can do both, keeping the number of reps you do in your zone/resistance definition, which is 15-20 per game.

However, if you already have low body fat and defined six pack, but want more of the same, you need to increase the size of the muscle. This is done in the muscle building area is 8-10 reps per series.

Finally there is the intermediate to advanced. This is either someone who has a good percentage of body fat and a six pack that looks good but hit a plateau and wants to reach the next level. Or is someone who has pretty much achieved the desired results, but get bored with doing the same workout all the time and want to prove to himself and his body. How many repetitions this entails can vary with each set, every exercise every day or even every week.

This does not mean doing it however many reps you want and then just quit. Like any other muscle, to get a package of sick should be a process fails. In other words, if your goal is 10 reps this should be as many as you can do. If more are possible, you need to increase the difficulty of the exercise so that 10 is the maximum, if you can not get to 8, then the problem needs to be reduced.

How many reps a week?

How many reps do you every week depends, of course, whether you’re working on size or definition, but either way you just need to train your six Pack 2 or 3 times a week. For the construction of the muscle would have a total of about 360, which comes from making 4 series from 10 reps for each of 3 years. By definition, the total could be anything, up to about 700 or more, which is 20 sets of 4 reps for each of the 3 years. Sometimes you can get over Max definition 20 rep form, but this requires very low difficulty is not working your package six enough to be a normal thing.

Now you know how many reps and how many series, but how long to rest between each?

Rest periods

Like most people who have never used to have any idea how long I have rested among the series have had no effect on my results. I knew I needed time to recover, but this varies depending on how much of a career it was, or how interesting the conversation was with my training partner.

I know better now

Strength training, muscle building and training for all involve defining different energy systems, so that the amount of sleep you need varies with each. So when the training period to build muscle relaxation should be 2 minutes, and the formation of the definition is 30 seconds for a maximum of 1 minute. If for any reason you run any training title The rest period is a minimum of 3 minutes, although the best is like 5 if you are doing several reps, then things get complicated might, of course. To make it easier to choose before you start, if you are going to be 2 minutes or up to 1 minute and change this each time you workout mixed with your rep or alternate every two weeks.

Keep a record

No matter how many reps you are doing, unless you repeat the same exercise in the same order each time, you will have to keep track of what you used to endurance. This not only allows you to track your progress if your mission to get a package of six doesn’t seem to be getting any closer, but it also means you are less likely to do more or less repetitions than expected. This is especially important if you start to change the number of reps you make in each set.

Wherever you are now, there is nothing to lose by looking for something different, if you change the number of reps you do or how much rest between each series.