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and, as far as we could judge, its situation is calculated to be remarkably healthy. A sun dial is placed on an ornamental pedestal, in front of the house. An air of serene quiet seems to pervade the whole, giving it more the appearance of a secluded mansion than a bustling hotel. We entered by the self same door that, .Guess my surprize when I found the chancre, which on his de”parture for the fair presented such a efrightsul aspect, converted into as healthy a sore as I ever saw. . This case, as I have remarked, proves how *much a change in external circumstances, influences local diseases. , I have found cicuta useful in plagede. nic .Every month a selection of healthy, light, and flavoursome dishes created with ingre.nts high in nutritional value. They will be the protagonists of our menus recipes full of taste and creativity, cooked using methods that preserve the flavour and properties of the goods. THE INGRE.NTS OF JANUARY .The transitions, i.e. time intervals between two different behavioural states, were stu.d in healthy and growth retarded fetuses IUGR in near term pregnan cies. In healthy fetuses, transitions usually lasted less than min whereas IUGR fetuses showed a longer duration when compared to healthy fetuses. Moreover .

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